top quality frozen Tilapia fish of frozen fish

top quality frozen Tilapia fish of frozen fish
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Mohammed Farid
City: Carmel Parish
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Posted: 20 Nov, 2017



Tilapia fish is famous for its flavor taste and nutritive meat, it’s more and more popular in people’s daily life.All our tilpia fish is farming raise with healthy and safety guarantee.

Our factory is with USA,EU,Russia standard etc approval.

Business range:

1.Frozen fish:

1)Frozen tilapai fish (whole round,gutted& scaled) , 2)tilapai fillet, USA stardard,EU standard,Russia standard

3)frozen chanel catfish, 4) frozen pollock fillet (Alaska pollack)

5) frozen Cod and hake fillet 6)frozen salmon fillet

7) Frozne grouper fillet 8)Frozen yellow fin sole fillet

9) Frozen arrowtooth Flouder fillet 10) Frozen suqid tube(U5,U7,U10)

11) Frozen squid ring

2.Imitation surimi

1)Imitation crab stick /flake/chunk 2)breaded crab claw

3) Imitation shrimp tail 4)breaded fish finge

3.Dried fish

1)Dried shredded squid/

2) Dried squid smoked ring /dried smoked squid stripe/dried smoked squid foot cutted(octopus piece)

3) dried pollock stripe/ block (skin on/skinless)

4) dried blue whiting block/stripe with or without pepper (skin on/skinless)

5) Dried yellow stripe fish

6)Dried anchovy fish / dried needle fish

4.Shell products

Scallop,mussel,claw etc

Please feel free to contact us.

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